Since childhood, her seeking was tremendous, and when her parents started seeking alliance for her marriage, she deeply prayed to Sri Ganesha, to transform her form to that of an old lady, and immediately, Sri Ganesha blessed her with an old form. Since then, she continued to spread the Divine message. Her messages were well received by the kings of Sangam period, and many times brought peace to warring states, by her wise words. Many have been her works, including some for children, to shape their character. In her spiritual pursuits, she has been blessed many a time by Shiva ,Sakthi,Ganesha and Karthikeya. The outpourings as a result of such divine darshans provide a guidance to ardent seekers, in their quest to know the Truth.

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ARUN Wedding on 1. The commentary focus on description of Yoga in Vinayagar Agaval. He is the god assigned to Moolaadhara, the first Chakra of subtle body experienced in Yoga practice. Vinaygar Agaval was composed by Avvaiyar in the 14th century AD. She is one among the few religious nuns remembered and celebrated by Indian people. Avvaiyar is known to present her ideas in a brief formula of poetry.

In Vinayagar Agaval, Avvaiyar has presented Yoga in 72 lines. This is like inserting a star into an atom. People practicing Yoga in the initial stages, meditate on their choice of God or a mantra. Therefore Avvaiyar chose Vinayagar as her deity for contemplation. This is a method in Bhakthi Yoga. The following is the Vinayaga darshan as written in the first few lines of Vinayagar agaval. Avvaiyar lovingly describes on how Vinayagar looks like. Therefore Avvaiyar retains her own status as a single.

She was not for marrying a man or even god. Avvaiyar addresses Vinayagar and says, To take possession of me right now You appear yourself to grace as mom Sever the delusion of unending birth. Vinayagar appears as a mother to cut away the chain of birth and rebirth!

A guru can also be an object of contemplation and a teacher in Yoga. Avvaiyar describes on how Guru Vinayagar taught her the lessons as below. These stages refer to what is experienced during the practice of Pranayama and after. Pranayama is air-culture. The control of breath initiates the powers in a human body. The air inhaled in appropriate technique helps to raise the power in Kundalini, a point in subtle body at the end of back bone.

The three important central air channels are Suzhumunai nadi, Ida nadi and Pingala nadi. Suzhumunai Susmana nadi runs along the vertebrate column and the other two swirls around the Suzhumunai nadi like snakes. For attaining divine ecstasy, Pranayama raises the Kundalini power from near the root Chakra of subtle body and goes up to the seventh chakra located at the skull.

This highly technical procedure is described by Avvaiyar in few lines as below. It deals about visualising atoms within atoms. This is a reference to the fundamental particles like Higgs boson or god particle. This can be only some energy field. Mind is a subtle element. But it rules our concrete body. To conquer our senses obtained through our material body, we have to conquer the mind through Yoga. According to Avvaiyar we should get a rhythm devoid of word and mind as a fruit of Yoga. Uproot my past deeds and then store a Rhythmic wave devoid of word and mind Clear my conscience and superimpose Darkness and light in one space together Pushing a blissful happiness in my ears Award boundless pleasure of joy Remove suffering by the way of mercy Make the breath ever stay in sound Show symbol of life in my thoughts An atom within atom and away beyond away A sugarcane with nodes matured.

This needs proper explanation. Then she proceeds to end the poem by coming back to Bakthi. This Bakthi is a total surrender since Avvaiyar dedicates each and every step she passes in yoga to Vinayagar. Further all the actions performed by her in the practice of Yoga is also said to be powered by Vinayagar. Avvaiyar assigns everything to the lord as if She has done nothing. Therefore it is also Karma Yoga. Explain the truth free of mask Assemble me among your true devotees Fill my heart with a stable state knowing The rare meaning of the 5 letters You rule me with your philosophy I take refuge in your feet The Almighty Vinayaka!

Avvaiyar has written this poem as a single sentencein Tamil. Refer the hymn in Tamil as below. This is wonderful. It is difficult to translate a Tamil single sentence in to English single sentence. The poem starts with the description of feet of Vinayagar and end swith surrendering at the feet of Vinayagar. The Tamil grammer has allowed Avvaiyar to narrate her Yoga Experience without indicating the tense.

It can be interpreted to happen in any one of the Past, Present and future time. This is beautiful. Such a technique is usually followed in single words in Tamil as a verb-noun twin. Avvaiyar uses the numerals skilfully to present a short verse. The readers should know what these numbers represent. We list out the numbers in Vinayagar agaval in the following table.

Line Number.


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He is also the Son in law of Kalaimaamani C. TL Maharajan, though associated with the greatness of his father, has marked a solid place for himself in the music industry worldwide. Prakash Kumar and was followed by Bombay Jayashri. Types of jewellery Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Belly chain topic The professional wrestler Eve Torres wearing a belly chain. Mahadevan is a heart wrenching devotional number. Many ancient sculptures and paintings from locations in Vinayagarr, dating back to the Indus Valley civilizati He is the eldest son of Tiruchi Loganathanwho is the vinayagar agaval by tl maharajan first playback singer in the Tamil Music industry.


Vinayagar Agaval

Tomi This vinayagar agaval was last edited on 17 Decemberat Subha Drishti Ganapathi — Rs 2, Post Office, Matunga, Mumbai Timings: Passport OfficeChennai — While the anklets on the cool sandal anointed feet Which has the colour of the red hibiscus flower, Vinayagar agaval various songs, while the golden waist belt, Vinayagar agaval his clothes as soft as flower, Shine in pretty and beautiful colours of the rainbow, While his box like paunch, weighty tusks Elephant like face, the saffron dot applied on it, Five hands and the goad and rope that he has, His blue body which attracted our mind, Hanging mouth, his four sets of shoulders, His three eyes, three trails of his feets, His two ears, his shining golden hair, His glowing vinayagar agaval chest wearing the holy thread, His divine knowledge of Thuriyahis mastery over words, Stood in awe at the wish giving elephant. Ganesha Vandanam Rs He vinayagar agaval addressed as Vinayagar he who removes obstacles or Pillayar vinayagar agaval Tamil. You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. It was vknayagar in the 10th century during the Chola dynasty by the Tamil poet Avaiyarshortly before her death. According to Hindu tradition a person reciting the Vinayagar Agaval every day will realize his true potential. Sampradaya Vrata Puja Vidhi. You have no items in your shopping cart.


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விநாயகர் அகவல் பாடல் வரிகள் | Vinayagar Agaval Lyrics in Tamil | Vinayagar songs


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