Radware LinkProof Lab Manual 6. Looking for software version on Compact Flash Can you have more then one IP on a single physical interface? What values are assigned to the default configuration after 30 seconds? APSolute Insite uses what protocol to communicate with Radware devices? These are the networks that will be used for classification.

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You are on page 1of 5 Search inside document 1. What is the meaning of those counters? For more information you can add the argument hdrErr which lists specific IP header errors. For example: due to lack of buffer space. SNMP traps output. If you are using a CLI remote connection through SSH or Telnet issue the command: manage terminal traps-output set 2 to print all of the consoles message 3. Enable the task utilization monitor using the command s ystem internal task-utilization monitor 3.

Run the command system internal task-utilization show 4. Run the command system os tasks 10 times. Output Information Generate the following output: 1. Support files from all Radware devices involved in the setup.

If you are using AppDirector version 1. If the support files were provided in step 1 skip this step. Issue the following CLI commands through the console connection: system device-info system logfile For AS3 or AS4 platforms, also provide the following logs: system internal accelerator data log-print cpu0 system internal accelerator data log-print cpu1 3.

Configuration files for all devices in. Sniffer traces if relevant, taken simultaneously from both sides of the Radware device. If possible, reboot the device and capture the console output while the device loads up. Issue Description 1. Detailed description of the issue and the user experience. Steps to reproduce the issue. When did the issue begin? Was there a change in the configuration that triggered the issue? Was there any specific traffic or test running when the problem occurred? Environment Information 1.

Basic logical diagram of the network, including IP addresses of Radware devices and IP addresses of surrounding devices that are relevant to this case. Other relevant information: OS, Web server vendor, application servers, firewalls, cache servers, routers, and switches version of all these devices if possible. In cases of CPU and performance issues, at the time of the problem occurrence, issue the following commands: net route fast-forwarding-table net l2-information net arp table net bridge forwarding-table system os cpu system inf-stats Reset the counters 1st by -system inf-stats reset system os buffers, system os tasks system internal bridge-fft system internal arp-wait-list system internal icmp-counters system internal driver stat all system internal driver macstat Is it possible to view the configuration through CLI?

Is it possible to upload configuration settings to the device using CLI? This command displays the running configuration real and online configuration of the device in the form of terminal commands. This means that if you copy and paste one of the lines into the CLI prompt the command will be executed.

Press the space bar to scroll down the page. Press Enter to scroll down line by line. How do I upload configuration settings using CLI? To start the upload configuration process, enter: system paste-config start 2. Im trying to view the configuration using command: system config immediate but I receive an error message. Please try later. The error message may also appear in cases where the configuration is viewed using one of the CLI methods while trying to retrieve the configuration file using Web Based Management.

It is possible to execute this command twice at the same time only in cases where RS console and Telnet session or RS and SSH session are connected to the device. Note: In order to view the configuration properly using CLI, it is recommended to enable the more prompt. If the More prompt is ON, the user is prompted for more output when the bottom of the display area is reached. If the More prompt is OFF, no such prompt appears.


Radware CLI Command

Client Table To efficiently handle the flow of traffic between the clients and the servers, Radware devices employ the Client Table. The Client Table stores client session information, which is necessary to maintain session persistency. Client Table global parameters apply to the LinkProof device and affect all the farms defined on the device. Some options require lengthy descriptions, which you can find in the user guide.


LinkProof NG Link Load Balancer For WAN Optimization & Link Load Balancing



Radware Linkproof User Guide 200-101_LP_Level1-v9


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