From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. None are quite as exquisitely nuanced or sung with such glowing vocal sheen as this. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Se Per Havervi, Oime. Lauridsen now divides his time between Los Angeles and his home in the San Juan Archipelago off the northern coast magnjm Washington State.

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Program Notes It was a natural thing for me to blend poetry and the human voice, which is the most wonderful and personal of all musical instruments. Clouds of gray loom in the skies, and deft rays of sunlight filter through the trees and touch on water with an ever-changing chiaroscuro effect. Walking here with poetry in his mind and music in his heart, Lauridsen finds inspiration for his compositions, luminous with inner radiance.

Lauridsen composed the requiem Lux Aeterna in , the year his mother died. She also taught him to play the piano. These works also have in common a deceptive simplicity, yet their capacity to touch the listener reveals mastery at expressing through music the depth of human emotion. The five movements of Lux Aeterna are based on various references to light from sacred Latin texts: perpetual light, light risen in the darkness, Redeemer-born light from light, light of the Holy Spirit, light of hearts, most blessed light, eternal light — all supporting an earthbound spirit seeking not only mercy, understanding, and consolation but also renewal.

This timelessness can bring home to the listener the recognition of his or her own mortal journey. Perhaps this embracing effect is a reason that Lux Aeterna is widely known to bring listeners to tears. Lauridsen uses the beginning and ending of the traditional Requiem Mass to open and close Lux Aeterna. The tempo changes are beautifully placed to linger on the interplay of voice parts in the style of Renaissance polyphony, creating a showpiece of a cappella choral singing.

This pairing serves as a bridge that brings together all who share the experience of grief. Unison singing at the phrase O lux beatissima O most blessed light encourages our hearts with the humble insight necessary to petition on behalf of those we have lost.


Morten Lauridsen | Lux Aeterna



O nata lux


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