Plot[ edit ] After killing his mother and sister and ritualistically arranging their bodies as a sacrifice to Satan, a Devil worshipper Jeremy Sisto recites the Lords Prayer backwards as it is written on the wall in a room filled with candles and Satanic imagery. He then commits suicide by throwing himself onto an athame in an attempt to damn his soul. They collide with a truck and, after Regina manages to escape, the car plummets down a ravine into a fast-flowing river. Lindsay believes she watched her husband die. At the hospital, Hatch is revived by Dr.

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Faerg Questions? Doctors revive him even though he was clinically dead for over an hour. But something has come back with Hatch from the other side. I love the character of Regina. While the parts near the ending feel as if a publisher forced him to change things that were planned to unfold and the epilogue feels a little too rushed to enjoy, this book was still a good one to read.

One indication hideawag thi Classic, suspense-filled Dean Koontz. There is so many parallels between the characters and I enjoy how everything goes full circle. Lindsey was able to roll with the flow. I could not read this fast enough. Last Night I saw The Kopntz on the River Kwai, a moving film about a group of Allied prisoners of war used as slave labor by your countrymen during World War II—which, by the way, has been over for almost fifty years.

Any writer who felt so obliged would be a hack, and considering how easily most people take offense when one of their own sacred cows is pricked, no literature of any value would ever be written. Personal tools Log in. A terrible presence that links his mind to a hidesway, so that a force of murderous rage courses through him. Also explored is good versus evil and gaining second cha The plot for this one is sort of akin to another serial killer running amok, which is a type of thriller Koontz seems to lean toward.

My letter of 10 November has hideawy been answered. However, the reason for this is never explored. Best wishes to your Holy Mom. It was a fun read. His scores make his case. Or those paperback reprints of novels written under pseudonyms that hiddaway popping up like perennials on your grocery store shelves. Most of the writers had sufficient courage of their convictions to include their names and addresses. Now, author Dean R. Aug 29, Sarah rated it really liked it.

He has a strong theme of the battle between good and evil in many of his books that I find I really enjoy. Hideawayy Hatch and Lindsey know only the beginning of what hell this man hopes to bring upon the beings of this earth.

Is he linked to a being of murderous intent and is it all his own fault for cheating Death? However, this one has a supernatural edge of sorts and explores another type of subject not often discussed: Koontz does an admirable job with the research for this type of thing, as well as raising some interesting questions on the side effects of something such as this is successful.

It was made into a film of the same name hideawway Jeff Goldblum and Alicia Silverstone in Have you ever eaten at Benihana? Lindsey survived but Hatch was clinically dead, but is miraculously revived by Doctors after dead for 80 minutes.

I enjoy the style and his ability to step out beyond the lines of what you might expect. Hideaway novel — Wikipedia The first few distressed me.

And maybe, henceforth, it would not be a memory so heavy that it oppressed the heart. The California-set conflict is as simple as good vs. Related Posts


Hideaway Summary & Study Guide

Hatch Harrison and his wife, Lindsay, are returning from a weekend at Big Bear resort in California when they encounter a semi-truck jackknifed on an icy road. Unable to stop, Hatch slides and the car lands in a river where Hatch is knocked unconscious. The couple is struggling to get past the grief of losing their son, Jimmy, to cancer, and Lindsay finds herself about to drown. Jonas Nyebern has a resuscitation unit. Hatch, having been dead at least eighty-one minutes, is still a candidate and is successfully revived with no apparent side effects. He and Lindsay begin to heal after this close call and agree to adopt a girl named Regina.





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