The control unit is covered by a special weather protection skin membrane making it fully waterproof. Its aerodynamics has been designed to avoid any disturbances generated by air turbulence, and to allow water, if raining, to slide away. Its controls and shape have been designed to allow for quick and easy identification and access whilst riding wearing gloves. Once installed, it can be removed at any time. During a telephone conversation, or whilst using the interphone, reduce your speed and concentrate on your riding.

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Voodoomi Zumo still sounds terrible because the unit does not support the AD2P technology but that is ok, I mostly just use my cell phone intetphone iPod touch for music. Bluetooth Intercom News and Reports. Everything I have tried to pair up to it has worked with no problems. BlueAnt warrants interhone purchaser of all BlueAnt products and related parts for two years from the date of purchase. Page 15 Applicable in those countries of the European Union with recycling systems The symbol shown on this product or on its documents in- dicates that the product must not be disposed of with other domestic refuse at the end of its life cycle.

Bluetooth Adapters and Intercom Accessory Reviews. I trust that this is of assistance to other users, who may be experiencing similar failures, but not knowing the cause.

Wired Motorcycle Intercom Reviews. Perhaps a longer term performance review would be good. Just my two cents! The package includes the F4 intercom module; the headset microphone and two speakers ; two different mounting clips, a screwdriver and a couple of spare parts.

For informational use only. These cracks suggest to me that probably within a short time one interrphone both of those would pull through the plastic in the same way as the first.

Cell Phones Posted 8 hours ago Be the first to answer. Lastly, a clamp on remote for your bike instead of touching your helmet would be desirable so you can keep your hands on the bars where they belong.

I used the supplied Velcro to mount the speakers and mic. I purchased a pair approximately 18 months ago and have been very pleased with the unit. Your experience may differ. It does take about 35 seconds to initially pair the two F4 units however, so be patient!

This is most likely to happen when near traffic lights which have in Holland they have. MP3 file when the volume is set lower. I guess it has a better Bluetooth audio stack? After about 2 months of use this also has started having the same intermittent cut-out. Then I used the supplied Velcro to mount the speakers and mic.

I am sure many a rider has gained very good decision making intrphone from the site. Page of 11 Go. Used Velcro, everything lined up on the 1st try. Posted on Jan 26, Be the first to answer.

I would think that steel conductors would last longer, but are not so conductive. Interphone F4 single kit components. If paired with an active cell phone, a cell phone call ring tone will take priority same when listening to music. By the way, for Bluetooth intercom newbies, the microphone and module are usually mounted on the left to allow the left hand to operate the controls whilst riding. Add to my manuals Add. It worked nanual well but it had some problems with the design of the microphone; specifically the method used to connect the microphone to the speaker to form the headset unit.

Very easy and fast. Intefphone Comment Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Some newer systems allow intercom use while charging, but Bluetooth 3.

Brad Brown Level 3 Expert Answers. Enter text from picture: These have not been subject to a hard life as we are aware of how fragile they are. Bluetooth intercom technology has evolved to a point where attaching the devices to the helmet is the most time-consuming part of the process — which is actually good news.

Different sound chips could be sold in different languages that would plug into the intercom. A interphonf version of the Interphone system was developed, with a stronger connector and a second speaker. With the F5MC these two units intephone be also be other brands of intercoms but not capable of conference communication. Prior to ordering the product, I did contact BlueAnt to specifically ask about mounting the speakers in my Shoei Syncrotec helmet since the helmet has indentations on both sides to accommodate the movable chin guard locking mechanism.

Installation is easy once you learn how to disassemble your helmet. A major factor in this situation is that the navigation audio or music output will start, regardless of whether the Bluetooth link is active at that instance, so when the wireless streaming is enabled, the latency and switching delays cause the clipping or loss of audio; the link is lagging behind the real-time audio output.

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Interphone F4MC User Manual

But a 2, ride from New York to Georgia came up and I used it with another rider the whole time. Add to my manuals Add. Always protect your hearing when riding a motorcycle more. Components at the bottom are supplied for each intercom. Both cell phone and iPod work well together, both connect to the F4 at the same time as promised so I am happy about that. Yoy need to go to the settings section of the app you are using and want to change. The range and the sound quality are excellent; better than ff4 other intercom communications system that Burn, Bill and I have used so far.


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Zulkizilkree Please assign your manual to a product: One thing that I do notice it longer term performance. Zumo still sounds terrible because the unit does not support the AD2P technology but that is ok, I mostly just use my cell phone or iPod touch for music. Now Garmin may have also implemented an audio buffer or timing delay as well, as other electronic devices use to minimize clipping or lost audio. Cell Phones Answered 12 hours ago. Cell Phones Answered 6 hours ago.


Interphone F3MC User Manual

Durn I found the fitting of the mounting bracket was a simple task and the installation and removal of the actual intercom is a breeze. I will detail my problems later but first on a tech and user level I was impressed by the loudness and ease of use of the F4. Cell Phones Answered 13 hours ago. So it was time for Interphone to evolve the system, and the new Interphone F4 improves on the basic goodness of the original Interphone Bluetooth intercom and everyone who has tried it has been impressed. The current Interphone F4 system includes all of the previous connectivity features plus an incredible meter claimed bike-to-bike communications capability. These have gotten more and harder use than just about anything else here and we have had zero problems with them. By the way, for Bluetooth intercom newbies, the microphone and module are usually mounted on the left to allow the left hand to operate the controls whilst riding.


Blueant interphone F4 stereo Manuals & User Guides


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