Support collagen structures so that damage to the body systems ceases; 2. Enhance immune function so that the body can deal with the organism itself; 3. Shut down the inflammatory pathways the spirochetes initiate, especially in the CNS; 4. Treat symptoms; 5.

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He has developed a natural cure for Lyme disease and tick-borne diseases based on clinically tested herbs. Herbs recommended by Buhner, due to the complex chemical structure, have a very wide spectrum of activity.

Not only do they directly kill Borrelia bacteria, but they also increase the efficiency of the immune system and alleviate various symptoms of Lyme disease. The Buhner protocol consists of herbs included in the basic protocol and numerous additional herbs, strengthening the operation of the entire protocol. The Buhner protocol is currently one of the best known and effective herbal protocols used for Lyme disease, and thousands of people using it present with positive treatment effects.

Usually we first start by trying to directly fight the infection. According to Buhner, borreliosis and infections causing tick-borne diseases, due to their specificity and complexity, require a more comprehensive approach: Strengthening collagen structures, which protect the body against damage caused by infection with Borrelia bacteria, Strengthening the immune system, due to which the body mobilizes itself to fight the infection, Alleviation of inflammation initiated by bacteria, especially in the central nervous system, by modulating the cytokine cascade, Treating of symptoms, Killing of borreliosis spirochetes and tick-borne pathogens.

Ideally, all the foregoing stages should be carried out in parallel. This comprehensive approach gives very good therapeutic results. Over time, this results in a lack of access to the nutrients, which bacteria need to survive and replicate. Buhner recommendations: Japanese knotweed Lat.

More on endothelial protection may be found in the publication: Stephen Harrod Buhner? Second edition. Buhner recommendations: More on cytokine modulators may be found in the publication: Stephen Harrod Buhner?

Restoring collagen structures of the body helps reverse or reduce many of the damages caused by Borrelia bacteria in our body. Buhner recommendations:.


The Protocols

The core protocol itself uses 3 herbs and employs 5 points of philosophy for treating Lyme disease. The Buhner protocol can be used with antibiotics, which "will increase the positive outcomes from antibiotics considerably", or as a stand alone treatment protocol for Lyme disease. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD also uses the herbs from the Buhner protocol as part of his treatment protocol for Lyme disease. At the recommendation of Stephen Buhner, Dr. It takes about months to make a complete recovery from Lyme disease on the Buhner protocol, but those who have severe cases of the Lyme disease may need more time. Expanding the Core Buhner Protocol Optional and Support The core Buhner protocol consists of just 3 herbs for treating Lyme disease, however, treating co-infections and addressing symptoms will expand the Buhner protocol. Expanding the core Buhner protocol is really optional for treating Lyme disease, but in some cases, expanding the Buhner protocol and addressing co-infections and certain symptoms may be needed to make a complete recovery.



I can now spell neuroborreliosis and a number of other equally boring words. I am so glad I decided to research so much before committing to a treatment, though. I think anyone with ANY illness should educate themselves on exactly what is going on in their body so they know to ask the right questions and pursue the right treatments instead of just jumping when their doctor says jump. She, of course, wanted to put me on long course antibiotics.

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