Have you got yours yet? Our All-Access Passes are a must if you want to get the most out of this event. Connect with Gregory About this Speaker Gregory Cajina is an entrepreneur, advisor, educator and a respected author on the fields of leadership, education, entrepreneurship and personal development. As an expert in Neuroscience, he has trained, mentored and coached more than ten thousand people: corporate, public administration and private; and has designed and delivered leadership development programmes for several universities, international business schools and the Ministry of Education in Germany. He has often been hosted on the media, television, radio and national press.

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Always ahead and anticipates what we need by offering a creative vision, and practical impact. I can only declare absolute fan of Marcos. The practice of new behaviors combined with the explanation of models and solid leadership tools have allowed me to lead the organization to achieve unprecedented results. We have worked very hard together to improve them. There are two things that I really liked from Marcos: first his thorough preparation, he knows very well his work, both theory and practice, as a result of, extensive experience, gained coaching executives.

The second, he is very honest, direct, hides nothing not even the unpleasant things, he challenges you, makes you work hard, and that helps really improve.

We were right in choosing him. He has truly and deeply changed our behaviour and effectiveness as a leadership team. He is honest and truly committed to delivering real and impactful change in the way leadership teams work together. Convinced that the importance of our development will have an impact on our business results, our work sessions have helped us focus on what is really important following a well structured, friendly and scientifically validated process that is also bringings us together.

I would like to highlight the accompaniment and support of Marcos during the process, which has proven key to the team success. Thank you. Over all these months, Marcos has demonstrated tremendous professionalism and flexibility which has helped me grow personal and professionally in an intense changing environment. Along with Marcos, I have learned to view events from a different perspective which has allowed me to face up to challenges and situations unthinkable for me in the past.

During the coaching sessions and through the experiential learning methodology use, I have learned the necessary tools that allows me continue practicing on a continuous basis the new desired behaviour at work. Has good rapport with students and manages to establish a good relationship with them. He is very keen on following-up on each and every student.

He helps them in developing their own skills and developing new ones in leadership and management. I highly recommend him as a coach, professor or manager. We engaged in a staged development process over three sessions which helped the team review and build on the concepts learned and follow up as a team in between the sessions. In addition, the active method of incorporating team exercises, written and verbal feedback allowed for multiple dimensions of learning: listening, seeing, doing, verbalizing and writing.

Congratulations to all the participants and many, many thanks. Without a doubt doing it by the hand of Marcos is a guarantee of success. Working with him has meant a major change in my understanding of the role and capabilities of a leader. Marcos is truly committed to the development of people. His ability to provoke and stimulate generates a real and profound impact, inspired me and opened my eyes to new possibilities.

The approach taken was very much around getting away from the fantasies we can all live in and drawing out personal insights. Once aware of these insights, lessons from meeting management to changing competencies can be put into practice.

All in all, it has allowed me to acknowledge, analyze and value both my weaknesses and fears as well as my personal and professional talents, enabling me to have a clearer look at my reality. In a context of high business pressure, the workshop has helped the team have a precise diagnosis of its current effectiveness.

Such precise diagnosis has saved us time, aligned team effort, and focused on what truly matters most. Juan Otazu Aguerri Acciona Energy. This has helped me to better consolidate change. Nonetheless, the most important and gratifying moment has been the positive feedback received months later from my boss.

The personal and professional growth would not have been possible without the discipline, sincerity and professional excellence of Marcos, I am very grateful!. If you are interested in working together, send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Let Us Talk Renewal Renewal is an international network of selected Executive Coaches, Senior Trainers, and Change Facilitators -with extensive front line business experience- who are at the cutting edge of transformational learning and improved performance that renews the quality and quantity of results Individuals Services.


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