Use only outdoors or in a well-ventilated. Contains 30 per pack. Product Description Goof Off Power Cleaner and Degreaser works the first time, cleaning tough grease, grime, asphalt and tar. Use this spray-on solution when combating tar, glue, bugs, tape residue and Two of the authors action-packed chapter books from the Gym Shorts series are combined into one volume in which Henry helps Goose train for his soccer goalie tryout and the friends aspire to take th Drip tubing goof plug. Not only does the cleaner effectively remove adhes Product Description The professional cleaning power of goof off, the gentleness of aloe vera moisturizer and the fresh scent of citrus all comes together in these versatile, convenient wipes.

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Email Deaths linked to paint stripper chemical A proposed federal ban on a potentially deadly chemical found in common paint strippers may be on hold indefinitely. The EPA says methylene chloride poses an unreasonable risk and the chemical has been implicated in dozens of deaths. The agency proposed a ban in January , but postponed it late last year.

Not only for me but for my husband and my other two sons," Cindy Wynne said. Her year old son Drew was the youngest of her three sons, an entrepreneur with a cold brew coffee business in Charleston, South Carolina.

In October, he was resurfacing the floor of a walk-in refrigerator using a paint stripper, Goof Off, manufactured by company W. The death certificate said he was overcome by chemicals in the paint stripper — chiefly, highly-toxic methylene chloride. I mean, how is it that you can find something that will kill you instantly and buy it, just off the shelf? Twenty-four-year-old Brian Keller had been stripping paint off a car, using another methylene chloride-based product, Klean Strip Aircraft Paint Remover, also made by W.

Then, he fell ill. Medical records show inhaling methylene chloride vapors led to Keller having a heart attack. He survived in a weakened state for five years, until his mother Judy says he had another heart attack. Label of a product containing methylene chloride. The company declined to do an on-camera interview but sent statements, saying "when used as directed methylene chloride paint strippers have an excellent safety record".

However, they said "while we have always had a warning on our label, the recent tragedies have motivated us to ask what more we can do. Barr says it worked with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on recently-issued guidelines "to develop a new label and warning symbol that are now prominently featured on the front panels of our methylene chloride products.

Barr is not the only manufacturer of paint stripping products, but it identifies itself as the largest. You can read W. All Rights Reserved.


Goof Off Professional Strength Remover

Mozragore Removes dried latex paint from ar Not only does the cleaner effectively remove adhes Do not handle until all safety precautions have been read and understood. Water white, free and clear. Basketball Bats Henry and his four friends on Rockford Road are an unbeatable basketball teamon their driveway court. Protect the appearance and longevity of a range of surfaces. Cheap goof off msds deals Product and Company IdentificationProduct Code: May cause respiratory irritation and drowsiness or dizziness. Or point us good the URL where the manual is located. Use this spray-on solution when combating tar, glue, bugs, tape residue and May cause defatting of skin after prolonged or repeated exposure.


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Goof Off Pro Strength Remover



Deaths linked to a common paint stripper chemical go back decades, so why isn't it banned?


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