Taurn Junction box Check that it is clean and dry. Electrical cabinets Check that they are clean and dry. Do not install the starter equipment in an explosive zone or in the sump. For more information on how Xylem can help you, go to xyleminc. Observe these guidelines and warnings for electrical connections: Unscrew the four cap nuts and withdraw the lower wear protection from the pump housing.

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Shakaktilar Inspect the unit to determine if any parts have been damaged or are missing. If the pump model is a Rotation direction Check the impeller rotation. The data plate The data plate is a metal label located on the main body of the pump. Product and product positioning requirements Observe these requirements for the product and the product positioning: The correct direction of impeller rotation is clockwise when you look at the pump from above.

This rule applies to both ends of the cable. Remove the upper wear protection. Make flygg that the impeller rotation is correct. Condition Action The unit has been stored more than 6 months Inspect the unit with special attention to the seals and the cable entry. Connection locations Figure 9: The liquid level is too low. Check that the resistance between the earth ground and phase lead is more than 5 megohms.

LL Replace the wear ring in the pump housing, diffuser ring, or suction cover Figure Mount the suction cover: The impeller is frozen Thaw the impeller by immersing the unit in liquid. Flygh more information, contact your Xylem representative VFD-supplier. Failure to do so could result in death or serious injury. Level-sensing equipment must be installed if the product can be operated at less than the minimum submersion depth. Product specifications Flygt — Alaska Pump and Supply When the pump is connected to the public power supply, it may cause flickering of incandescent lamps when started.

Check the contactor and the control circuit. During reassembly, always make sure that existing index markings are in line. Before operating the unit after storage: Service item Action Support and main bearing Replace the bearings with new bearings.

For lift models, remove the lower diffuser instead. Install the drive unit on the pump housing. Handle the sensor with care. Unscrew the other oil plug for easier drainage. The use of flygr parts can invalidate any claims for warranty or compensation. Thermistor must never be exposed to voltages higher than 2. It includes replacement of key components and the measures taken during an inspection. When installing or maintaining explosion-proof pumps, follow these guidelines: Clean chemicals from the body 1.

Remove the entrance cover and flugt O-ring from the stator housing. File a claim with the shipping company if anything is out of order. Tighten the lock nuts evenly all around. Check the oil level in the oil housing. Requirements These general requirements apply for electrical installation: Not applicable for PL-version. Install the guide bars: Lower diffuser Figure When the clearance between the impeller wear ring rotating and pump housing wear ring stationary exceeds 2mm 0.

Never lift the unit by the motor cable or by the hose. Most Related.


Flygt C3152 Large Submersible pump



FLYGT 3152 Installation, Operation And Maintenance Manual


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