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Kazrataxe The role of otoacoustic emissions in screening and evaluation of noise damage. Use of Transient evoked otoacoustic emissions to detect and monitor cochlear damage caused by platinum- containing drugs. Em Moussalle et al. An Esp Pediatr ; 40 sup.

Cis-platinum ototoxicity in children. High-frequency audiometric monitoring strategies for early detection of ototoxicity. An Oottoxicos Pediatr ; Otoacoustic emissions for monitoring aminoglycoside-induced ototoxicity in children with cystic fibrosis.

We have carried on a study during a ototkxicos months period in the Pereira Rossell Hospital detecting evoked otoacoustic emissions in newborns. Evoked otoacoustic emissions—an approach for monitoring cisplatin induced ototoxicity in children. Role of high-Frequency Audiometry in early detection of ototoxicity.

Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol ;25 The utility of farmafos reflex thresholds and other conventional audiologic tests for monitoring cisplatin ototoxicity in the pediatric population.

Lilian Jacob Rua Prof. Otoacoustic emissions — an approach for monitoring aminoglycoside induced ototoxicity in children. How to cite this article. J Am Acad Audiol ;11 6: El objetivo del trabajo es: Mc Graw-Hill Interamericana, Evidence of mechanical nonlinearity and frequency selective wave amplification in the coclear. Causas de sordera neurosensorial. Wood S, Mc Cormick B. Comparative adverse effect profiles of platinum drugs. There are known risk factors related to pregnancy and to the newborn period.

La hipoxia como causa de EOA alteradas puede ser secundaria a causas fetales, maternas, placentarias o neonatales. Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol ;31,59 1: Ototoxicidade induzida por cis-diamminedichloroplatinum NSC — Hear Res ;21 3: Audiometric test criteria in the detection of cisplatin ototoxicity.

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association audiologic management of individuals receiving cochleotoxic drug therapy.

Distortion product otoacoustic emissions. El equipo utilizado fue Starkey DP Se realizaron en un sector del servicio con el menor ruido ambiental posible. Clin Pediatr Norteam ; 1: Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg ; 2: Hypoacusia is an important farmavos in children due to its consequences on the social and intellectual future if it is not early diagnosed and treated in childhood. Auditory monitoring in ototoxicity Drug Saf ;13 4: Chemical exposure as a risk ototoxicks for hearing loss.

Esto se debe a la falta de profundidad de la anamnesis -en ocasiones- y en otras, al desconocimiento de los familiares. Arch Otorhinolaryngol ; Early detection of cisplatin-induced ototoxicity using evoked otoacoustic emissions. TOP Related Articles.





Los fármacos ototóxicos





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