In , he was sent to Ushaw College , near Durham , where he was educated until the age of sixteen. Wiseman would later recall that John Lingard , Vice-President of the college at the time, showed the quiet, retiring boy much kindness. In , Wiseman proceeded to the English College in Rome , which had reopened in after being closed by the Napoleonic Wars for twenty years. He graduated with a doctorate of theology with distinction in July , and was ordained to the priesthood 10 March He held this office until From the first a devoted student and scholar of antiquity, he devoted much time to the examination of Oriental manuscripts in the Vatican library , and a first volume, entitled Horae Syriacae, published in , showed promise as a great scholar.

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Juli zum Doktor der Theologie promoviert wurde. Am Dezember empfing er die niederen Weihen und am Papst Gregor XVI. Die Bischofsweihe spendete ihm am 8. Juli ernannt. September wurde er apostolischer Provikar des Erzbistum Westminsters und am Februar dessen Nachfolge an und wurde am September zum ersten katholischen Erzbischof von Westminster nach der Reformation erhoben.

Papst Pius IX. September zum Kardinalpriester. Oktober desselben Jahres. Damit war Nicholas Wiseman der erste Kardinal, der seit der Reformation wieder in England residierte. Fabiola , der die Schicksale mehrerer bekannter Opfer der diokletianischen Christenverfolgung unter anderem die hll.

He came in storm; he has passed away in quiet. We do not say that his manner of coming was free from offence, but once installed it cannot be denied that he demeaned himself so as to discourage the revival of ill-feeling in the country. Despite the strange blending of nationalities represented in his parentage, birth, and education, Cardinal Wiseman was essentially an Englishman at heart. He was indeed thoroughly a man of the world, a courteous polished gentleman, a brilliant writer and speaker, an accomplished linguist.

He was fond of society, and made friends and intimates among men of all parties and creeds. He loved art and the more elegant branches of literature. He represented his Church in her more showy, brilliant, and social character — as she is when she mingles with society and takes a quiet but active part in politics, and patronises art and loves pomp, and sustains the idea of hierarchial grandeur. Protestants as well as Catholics can well afford to bear cordial testimony to the great abilities, the varied acquirements, the high character, and, where private intercourse was concerned, the entirely liberal sentiments of Cardinal Wiseman.

It was his misfortune, and ours, that he should have been introduced to the British public as the first English Cardinal of the modern era. But all must alike admit that he bore himself amongst us like a gentleman and a scholar; and all must surely regret to hear of the death of one who had so many splendid intellectual qualities and so many exalted and Christian virtues.

Er kam im Sturm; er ging in Stille. London


Fabiola or The Church of the Catacombs

Juli zum Doktor der Theologie promoviert wurde. Am Dezember empfing er die niederen Weihen und am Papst Gregor XVI.


Nicholas Wiseman

Plot summary[ edit ] The story is set in Rome the early 4th century AD, during the time of the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian. The heroine of the book is Fabiola, a young beauty from a noble Roman family. She is spoiled by her father Fabius, who cannot deny her anything. Fabiola seems to have everything, including a superior education in the philosophers, yet under the surface, she is not content with her life. One day, in a fit of rage, she attacks and wounds her slave girl Syra, who is a secret Christian.


Fabiola: Or, The Church of the Catacombs




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