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Благодаря ветвям кабеля для электрокардиографа снимаются показания с конечностей и грудного отдела пациента на блок ЭКГ для дальнейшей расшифровки. Устройство Кабеля ЭКГ: центральный жгут с наконечником; через наконечник папа кабель экг соединяется с телом кардиографа, Разъём ЭКГ мама ; узел стыковки ветвей кабеля отведения ЭКГ и центрального кабеля ЭКГ; ветви кабеля ЭКГ - количество зависит от канальности кардиографа; наконечники ветвей - токосъёмники, к которым подключаются электроды. Кабель ЭКГ подразделяется: В зависимости от классификации и канальности аппарата, кабель для электрокардиографа может быть одно-канальным, трёх-канальным, шести и более канальным. От одного до трёх каналов кабель экг имеет 4 конечностных ответвления и 1 ответвление - канал для грудного электрода. От шести каналов и выше кабель отведений имеет 4 конечностных ответвления и 6 ответвлений для каналов грудных электродов. Кабель ЭКГ как выбрать: При заказе кабеля для электрокардиографа необходимо указать марку или производителя кардиографа.

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Nikoshakar While executing this test item, the instrument generates dummy 12 lead ECG resting waveforms until the power of the instrument is turned off. Do not use the output signal from the output connector for a synchronization signal such as the synchronized cardioversion signal.

To avoid accidental discharge of static electricity which could damage the instrument components, use a wrist ground strap when installing or removing any component of the instrument. Use the specified shipment container and packing material to transport the instrument. Faulty ECG control board. The cardiograph may not operate properly due to high-frequency magnetic noise from the MRI. The screen display is correct. Remove the battery pack l the battery compartment.

The Test level 1 is called up and the instrument is in standby mode for entering the system test number. China replace battery mp3 China mah battery China replacement battery for bosch. The fuse rating is shown on the holder. To make the check jig, use the two 3. Otherwise, the operator may get an electrical shock. No ECG waveform appears in a specific lead or artifact appears on the waveform. Remove the two M3 pan screws with washers and spring washers which fasten the ground leads to the power transformer unit.

NOTE The following settings are not reset to the factory initial settings even if the instrument is initialized. The problems are divided into general operation and recording.

The recording test patterns consist of the following and are printed in the following order: The larger quantity you buy, the better price will be. Vertical and horizontal stripes appear on the LCD screen at constant interval. Because the outside surface of the instrument ceg made of resin, the outside surface of the instrument is easily damaged.

Failure to follow this caution may cause electrical shock to the patient and operator. Damaged, deformed or badly positioned motor gear. There is the possibility that when the lithium battery is broken, a solvent inside the lithium battery could flow out or a toxic substance inside it could come out.

Protective earth resistance ecf When inserting or removing the battery from the cardiograph, make sure that the cardiograph is turned off. Remove the two M3 binding head screws washers which fasten the thermal head to the thermal head unit. All keys operate properly. The results of the analysis may not correspond to the judgment of a physician. Heart rate display is correct. Attach all tips of each electrode lead to the input check jig. Paper detection sensor is clean.

The name of the pressed key is printed if the key is functioning correctly. Make sure that the recording paper is aligned with the lower recording paper guide. Service Manual ECG 4. There is a gas discharge valve inside the battery and if this valve is damaged, the gas cannot be discharged, causing the battery pack to explode. The lithium battery is completely discharged. Turn the power of the instrument off to exit the System Setup mode.

Always use Nihon Kohden parts and accessories to assure maximum performance from your instrument. No electrode is attached to the patient or the RF RL electrode is not attached to the patient. Signal line Ground line 4. Removing the Thermal Head The disconnected lead name is printed out. Normal The power board is faulty. There is no delay time between the printed waveforms on the upper and lower traces. Before defibrillation, remove all electrodes and gel from the chest of the patient.

Environmental Safeguards Depending on the local laws in your community, it may be illegal to dispose of the lithium battery in the regular waste collection. Remove the M3 pan screw with washer which fastens the Power board to the lower casing and remove the power unit. Replace the thermal head. System Information Indicates an error number to identify the problem. Related Articles.


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