People use it to find water, gold, oil, lost objects, and even missing people using a forked stick, angle rods, a pendulum, and even their hands, I learned about dowsing accidentally. Our family were enjoying a summer vacation at a seaside resort, and at lunchtime one day we heard the sounds of people on our property. We looked out the window and discovered a man, holding a forked stick, had wandered on to our property, followed by a group of people. The man was concentrating and was not aware of the other people. My brothers, sisters and I raced outside to join the crowd. A woman from next door came across and asked the man what he wanted.

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It can read energy patterns, extracting information from deep inside our subconscious. Pendulum Magic for Beginners is a practical how-to book that will teach you to do apparent miracles, such as finding lost objects car keys for instance , helping your potted plants to grow better, protecting yourself from foods that are harmful to you, determining if someone is honest or not, and even choosing the correct color scheme for your home.

All of these are easy to do, and are good examples of how the pendulum can help and guide you as you move through life. The pendulum is a vital tool in health matters, also. With it, you can evaluate yourself, and others, whenever you wish.

The pendulum can tell you what you need to do to maintain or restore your health. The pendulum also allows you to retrieve any information stored in your subconscious mind. Consequently, you can eliminate ingrained patterns of behavior that are no longer relevant, and may be holding you back from achieving your goals.

The pendulum is also a valuable instrument that can help you decide what goals you should aim for, and which ones you should discard. People often set goals that are not suitable for them. This is never satisfying, and often leads to misery and disappointment. With a pendulum, you can evaluate potential goals before starting to work on them. Your psychic development will expand and blossom once you start using a pendulum. You will be able to protect yourself from psychic attacks by others.

You will become more effective at sending telepathic messages. The pendulum will dramatically improve your success rate at any form of divination, by providing honest and impartial answers.

You will be able to explore your past lives with a pendulum, and receive much more detail than is possible with any other method. Your pendulum will also help you recall your dreams, and become a valuable device for sending your requests out into the universe when performing rituals of any sort. The final part of the book explains the Huna ritual to magically achieve anything you want. Many people fail at this, because of blockages in their low minds.

You will learn how to use your pendulum to determine what blockages are present. You will also be able to use your pendulum to release any blockages you find, enabling you to send your requests out, confident that they will be granted. I know of no other book that compares directly with this one.

In this book I have covered all of the basics, but also paid special attention to using the pendulum for self-improvement and for magical and psychic purposes.

Because I wrote the book for interested beginners, no previous knowledge or experience is necessary. When I taught psychic development classes, we always started with the pendulum. It is an amazingly accurate device that captivates and intrigues everyone who uses it.

Just recently, I was in Munich and saw people using a pendulum to decide which historic places to visit, as they did not have time to see them all. You can use the pendulum for almost anything. By the time you finish this book you will be able to use the pendulum confidently and accurately. It will become a valuable tool that will help and guide you in every area of your life.

An English language edition has also been published in India.


Dowsing for Beginners



Dowsing for Beginners: How to Find Water, Wealth & Lost Objects



Book of the week - Dowsing for Beginners by Richard Webster



Dowsing for Beginners by Richard Webster


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