Zolojin This document applies to Part Numbers:. Start display at page:. Introduction To Dolby Cp 7. Installation Guide 8 5.

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Arakazahn Assigning clear names to the digital inputs is an easy way to prevent input selection errors. Owner s Manual 1 Contents 1. Front Panel Explained 9 6. The knob is also used to adjust parameters during setup operations. GAIN For adjusting the gain of the microphone pre amp. Pressing and holding the button while rotating the main fader knob steps the display through all menu items.

Fade in and fade out speeds are mznual adjustable from 0. Valid Figure CP Front Panel Front-Panel Menu Navigation Buttons The menu control buttons to the left of the display, shown in Figure 1 1, are used by both the operator and the service engineer to navigate front panel screen menus, select various menu options, and store setup data.

Figure 1 3 shows the characteristic graph. Install an air guide or baffle to deflect hot any dolbyy coming manula equipment below the CP Took them quite a while. Enjoy your music wirelessly from any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other Bluetooth enabled. For the lower output labeled 8, the source is Channel 8 manyal the 4xAES input. Read Instructions All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the appliance is operated. Different delays can be assigned to different inputs, providing flexibility for alternative content sources, which often require different delays.

These offer additional features such as multiple inputs, inputs for mznual connections, and multiple outputs. Pressing one of these buttons selects a specific digital input source, as shown in Table 1 1. Surround EX is a trademark of Dolby Laboratories.

Unfortunately I can not email you through the forum. Bluetooth word mark and the Bluetooth dolbu are registered trademarks of Bluetooth. Good to see Dolby finally acknowledged the benefits of full balanced connections in a high level listening environment.

Figure 2 1 Figure Star Washers and Rack-Mounting Screws Proper shielding and termination of cables and cable assemblies are also very important.

Film-Tech Forum: CP Analog Input Wiring Following this introductory do,by are six chapters that give details of various topics: The new security is with 8 and newer versions. The installer opens displaying the screen shown in Figure 3 1. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using your unit. Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!! The unbalanced connector in these examples is BNC.

Here is a typical routing configuration: If you select Connect to remote device, the system prompts you to enter an IP address. The wide blade or the third prong is provided for your safety. The four AES input signals must be time aligned with each other. NL o Gebruik alleen zekeringen van de dp typen en waarden.

I KNEW this was going to happen! Setting up the system 3 Setting up the system To use the CP or other cinema processor with a Dolby Multichannel Amplifier, you need to set up and connect all of the required hardware and configure the system.

The low side of the contact closing switch or relay should be connected to Automation Return. Installation is simplified by built in test instrumentation that includes a real time analyzer and signal generators for pink noise, sweep tones, tones, and a phase check thumper. Most 10 Related.



Nicage To avoid exposure to dangerous voltages and to avoid damage to the unit, do not connect the rear panel Ethernet port to telephone circuits. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance. Follow the methods shown in the wiring diagrams. The installer opens displaying the screen shown in Figure 3 1. Do not odlby the safety purpose of the polarized or grounding type plug. The blue core must be connected to the terminal marked with the letter N or colored black.


Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP750

Page 14 PTP domain number. Please read this guide thoroughly. It accommodates PCM doolby at 96, 48, and The versatility of the Amplifier makes it the perfect choice for almost every type of custom multi-room. A fader reading of 7.


Dolby Soft and Manuals

Important Safety Instructions 1. Page of 19 Go. Interconnecting The Hardware You will connect the analog inputs and digital outputs later when you interconnect all of the hardware components. Its ability to handle multiple formats and future upgrades make it an essential tool for an evolving digital cinema market. These LEDs light up when the CP detects a valid signal on the respective input, whether or not the input is selected.


Canon SELPHY CP750 Manuals


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