The first in the paranormal romantic fantasy series, Deadworld, set in modern-day Chicago. My Take Jackie and the FBI seem cool with it but we never do learn just why such a conservative outfit like the FBI has allowed a gay psychic on the team and appears to take Laurel seriously. For the most part, the dialogue ran true. I did like the character of Jackie, for the most part; she is such a drama queen. Not what one expects from an FBI agent. Jackie is The first in the paranormal romantic fantasy series, Deadworld, set in modern-day Chicago.

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Dusho There are some grammatical errors here and there, there are some twists, a bit of drama, the BDSM scene that could also be considered by some to be an attempted rape of some sort with who being the rapist debatable at this pointa lot of the characters are subpar, and the whole thing tends to speed up then slow down and then speed back up again. View all 4 comments. Enter Email Confirm Email. Some say the writing is monotonous and disagreeable. That scene and character aside, the writing was equally lackluster.

Jackie was determined to find him and ends up accepting outside help from Nick Anderson who had started out as a J. Yes the main female FBI agent is often abrasive and hard-edged but as the story progresses we learn what in her own background This review was originally posted at Vampire Book Club.

It had an interesting mix of a police drama and an urban fantasy book, which apparently is a great combination because this book worked really well. The universe has its own voice. Both our hero and heroine in Deadworld have deep issues, each with a friend nearby keeping them from going too far over the line. The characters were still pretty good. Agent Rutledge and her partner Agent Laurel Carpenter, who happens to be a psychic, are called in to the scene of the body of a year-old boy who was drained of all his blood and then dumped in a park.

Duncan It was really slow in places even though I enjoyed some of the character interactions. This is his debut novel and series. Weird to say the least hide spoiler ] If you want a tragic and scarred heroine who is a little more likeable try or even better, try. Car wrecks, fires, vampire magic, crossing into Deadworld, dundan works. I feel for Veronica. Forth, the story behind the past history that Nick and the villian share is told 4 times in the book to various characters but never to the reader, also a lot of the dialog felt rushed and forced However, at times dunncan profanity and degradation got in the way of me truly enjoying an otherwise very entertaining book.

Okay — Somewhat disappointing with significant flaws. Jackie is hard to like at the beginning of the story. One of the main focus points of this story are these murders, 5 in total, happening every 36 years, and this is the 5th and final set put in play by one Cornelius Drake, a vampire who can apparently do more than the average vampire can. Nick Anderson — and Laurel is sure that there is more than meets the eye as far as Nick is concerned. Jackie and her partner Laurel investigate a grisly murder scene.

She is not above believing in strange th Great Book!! Deadworld Deadworld, book 1 by J N Duncan To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Jackie was an emotional wreck throughout most of the book, a loose cannon. Kensington provided me with a copy of Deadworld.

BUT then they find out some weird stuff about some peo It was kind of a neat idea in a lot of deadworle, but it kept shooting itself in the foot. Laurel barely registers and Jackie was obnoxiously hard-nosed. Why is Shelby alive? The near impunity with which she operates is baffling, and the more Martin digs, the more mysterious Rachel and Harbortown become.

When Jackie and Laurie attempt to question Nick and his office staff, they are stone walled. Replacing local legend, Rachel Rollins, is a daunting task to dexdworld the least. We just hope that a large enough group of folks will feel the same way we do and keep us in the writing business that we love so much. An absolute hate read, just to see how badly the author disappoints.

Flawed and annoying at times, their emotional make ups are realistic in correspondence to the events of their past. Today, a crisp, bright September day inFelice Halladay turned her direct gaze upon the ghost duncaj saw it for the first time.

Book Review: J. He comes across more as a duhcan, caring dad. Plot wise there were a lot of holes why could the vampires feel the pull of the dead? Hopefully will have that off to the agent in a week or two.

First, I like the plot and the pacing, both were vuncan to keep me interested enough to keep reading despite all of the things I found to be distracting. TOP 10 Related.



Maukus Jackie is the uptight kind of mean girl and Laurel is the sweet woman who would never piss dadworld off, and together they made a good team. The voice was a glimmer, a ghost, there but not, something one could only catch out of the corner of their eye but not if you looked directly at it. Jackie is supposed to be such a tough little thing and deadowrld at her job. Duncan brings two people who have sincerely given up on real happiness together in his debut Deadworld. And I am so glad I did.


Deadworld (2011)

It was a very refreshing take on the whole vampire element. I loved also that it wadnt focused on some love angel at all. The characters were believable and i really like the relationship betweem Jack and Laurel. Nick was a great character and protective without all that alpha male stuff that usually crop up in these type of books. Looking forward to watching Jack grow. First, every character in the book is reffered to by a shorted version of thier name, for example


Review: Deadworld by J.N. Duncan

Tolmaran Duncan and an Urban Fantasy from Kensington. Third, everyone, and I do mean everyone, just suddenly accepts the existance of vampires, something that everyone thought of as myth, without hardly a second thought. Jackie and the FBI seem cool with it but we never do learn just why such dundan conservative outfit like the FBI has allowed a gay psychic on the team and appears to take Laurel seriously. Early Review: Deadworld by J.

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