Continuing the long evolution of Dolby cinema sound, it is the only all-digital cinema processor for the playback of all Dolby soundtrack formats, combining advanced signal-processing technology, highest-quality components, and sophisticated manufacturing processes to provide the best sound and utmost reliability. Excellent reproduction of analog soundtracks is facilitated by fully digital implementations of Dolby A-type and Dolby SR decoding. Addressing the future of exhibition, the Dolby CP has an expansion slot that provides a convenient upgrade path to new develop-ments, such as multichannel audio decoding for digital cinema. External setup software available in several languages facilitates calibration, trouble-shooting, software upgrades, and transferring settings via a personal computer. Connection ports are conveniently located behind a front-panel access door.

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Dolby CP650



Online Pain Medication - Buy Online 25, 50, 100 Mg Tablets


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Dolby Laboratories CP650 Installation Manual




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