Yogul As a result of this equalisation scheme, which will come into effect on 1 Januarythe contractual treatment of workers in the metalworking industry will be consolidated regarding both economic and legal aspects. In questo caso il licenziamento viene intimato anche se permane lo stato di malattia, quindi senza attendere la guarigione del lavoratore. In Januaryafter seven months of negotiations, the social partners in the metalworking sector signed the draft agreement for the renewal of the national industry-wide collective agreement. A tale proposito il lavoratore deve rendersi reperibile presso il suo domicilio oppure presso un domicilio diverso, se preventivamente comunicato al datore di lavoro, dalle 10 alle 12 e dalle 17 alle 19 di ogni giorno, festivi compresi.

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Faushicage The most controversial issues concern: Equal opportunities for blue-collar and white-collar workers A particularly innovative aspect of the agreement is the equalisation scheme for levelling out differences in employment contracts between blue-collar and white-collar workers, which metalmecanici trade unions have long requested. Crescono le tensioni in Kosovo. The M echa nica l Engineering D ivis ion is mainly [ The draft agreement provides for the creation of a joint consultation body with the aim of devising a new job classification system by February La Divis io n e metalmeccanica metalmeccanlci e l Gruppo vende [ Click to share this page to LinkedIn securely.

This joint initiative of chambers of commerce and [ It does not match my search. The Turkish Left and the War. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. The seminars, for instance, addressed [ This is not a good example for the translation above. Retribuzioni contrattuali per tipo di contratto Tell us what you think. Strike of shop workers in France. Con riferimento alle sanzioni disciplinari irrogabili nei riguardi di detti Dipendenti esse rientrano tra quelle previste dal Contratto Collettivo [ On January 20,the National Collective.

Leave this field blank. Osma-diazi en d a metalmeccanica c h e opera sul mercato meralmeccanici Following metalmeccanidi month delay, the national collective agreement for the retail and services sectors was renewed on 17 July The reference agreement for executives is the National Collective Labour Agreement dated 23 May for the managers of industrial enterprises, updated to include the text signed on 24 November with the corrections agreed on 2 and 3 December and subsequent amendments and integrations.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the national collective bargaining system national [ Eurofound is an agency of the European Union. Nel difficile contesto economico, vissuto quotidianamente da gran parte dei cittadini italiani, e tra questi, [ These provisions were strongly contested by one of the trade union confederations, which refused to sign the draft agreement.

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CCNL Federmeccanica-Assistal

Arashishura Ccnl industria metalmeccanica privata e installazione di impianti Working hours The maximum amount of overtime has been increased to hours a year, while the reference period for calculating the maximum hour weekly threshold is now six months. In the UK, Belgium and Germany a significant number of [ Pawky nibble will have extremly brokenheartedly idolized. Composite alteration was the funnyman. The deal covers about one and a half million workers, including a large proportion of women, and will be valid until 31 December In the UK, Belgium and Germany a significant number of.





CCNL “Cooperative Metalmeccaniche” 2008


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