The solid feeling is instantly apparent when operating the XH-A1s; despite its modest frame, the camera performs like a pro. Improvements over the previous model include higher quality zoom, focus and iris rings. Utilizing the highly efficient HDV compression format allows over an hour of high definition recording on a single miniDV tape! Featuring a 20x fluorite fixed lens, its superior optics gives professional level shooters ultimate image fidelity unmatched by the competition.

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We realized just how confident Canon is that these two prosumer camcorders will make a huge splash in the market. But, are they for everyone? On the outside, the A1 shows classic Canon features e. One is the top placement of the LCD display. We think this is a clever position, leaving the left side of the camcorder accessible; however, the LCD is a tad small. This helps snap the focus more quickly and accurately into the ballpark focal length at a fraction of a second before the typical auto focus adds the precise touch.

Instant AF uses an additional focus sensor on the outside of the lens, which means matte boxes and other accessories might interfere with its effectiveness. Using the LCD display only, we were able to manually focus in an extreme close-up successfully 3 out of 4 shots. The missed shot was just a touch soft. An external monitor could fix that for more accurate focus control. With Console you can change all the image properties e.

And it will help you know immediately if your focus is too soft or on the mark. With manual focus, zoom and iris rings on the barrel of the lens, the XH-A1 prosumer camcorder marks itself as first in its class with an on-lens, servo-controlled, manual iris.

This is the result of Canon listening to its users and keeping them happy. Throw in manual audio controls with 2-channel XLR inputs and several frame modes i. Color balance is natural and accurate. Properly lit scenes look brilliant in playback. The on-board mic delivers decent sound, but most users will take advantage of extra features fitting for pro shooters: accessory shoe, shotgun mic mount, two independent and manual audio channels and two XLR inputs.

The one small audio complaint is that the manual gain dials for right and left channels are a little strange in their graphics, making potting up and down a bit disorienting. Anyone looking to point and shoot without reading a manual should steer clear, or at least consider chalking out a good weekend to learn all the features. Even the pro shooter will need some get-acquainted time, as the XH-A1 raises the bar for prosumer camcorder functionality and performance.

ACI 318-92 PDF

Bedienungsanleitung CANON XH A1

Offering the superlative optical performance and imaging engine hallmark to the XH series, the new camcorders not only enable high-quality HD recording, but also feature improved zoom lens operability and revised audio specifications in response to the needs of professional users. The duo also features an optical image stabilization system to support the recording of steady images, even at long focal lengths. Focus and zoom operations have also been improved so that they allow manual focusing during zooming, increasing the range of image expression. Advents such as the ability to use the limiter function, which prevents aberrations in voice quality caused by sudden increases in audio volume, when recording audio manually provide extra convenience when shooting in professional settings. Additionally, the XH G1S and XH A1S incorporate a variety of functions suited for professional shooting, including an expanded white balance range that can be adjusted from 2,—15,K, and the Push AE function, which corrects exposure at the push of a button during manual shooting.


Canon XH A1 Bedienungsanleitung

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