The case is almost identical, with a textured slate trim around its top, rather than the silvered one of the earlier model. At the moment, Canon lists both printers on its site and this one has slightly higher specs, but over the medium term we expect to see this one replace the earlier model. Still not quite forgetting the lacquer box design Canon first started some years ago, the PIXMA iP has high-gloss black panels to most faces, which get covered in fingerprints and smudges after about ms of use. When fully closed, the printer looks neat and unobtrusive, but this is slightly deceptive, as loading A4 paper in the front-mounting paper cassette makes it stick out by over 80mm.

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Pretty shabby Mr Canon. Jury still out on the ink tanks. Could not uninstall iP software as option not on Canon iP install disc. Contacted Canon and uninstall option not available from Canon website either.

Read more ms screen would Bill Gates or Canon care to answer that one? Installed iP SW from disc and not recognised by computer. Possible conflict with uninstallable iP SW? Next problem printer will only print from cassette.

Also cassette has protruding boss in base of cassette tray that fouls paper stack. Paper stack then damaged fitting stack to printer. Have to remember to manually lift print stack over boss.

Called Canon for third time and unable to resolve "only printing from cassette". Logged a SW fault with Canon. Eventually found option to select back paper feed in the printer Maintenance Options tab under a Paper Source Setting button. Finally able to print a 6 x 4 photograph after three tries. Colour balance badly off with green cast.

Canon paper, ink and printer. Now spent about 8hrs. Workaround is to save scanned pics. Very loud rattle from printers left hand plastic panel which is loose and bangs on plastic printer body with every traverse of the print head. Printed single 6 x 4 pic. Total number of prints done approx. Printer is one of the worst products I have ever bought, considering sending it back to Canon, Japan. Numerous software and mechanical design faults Like.


PIXMA iP4920



Canon iP4950 printer


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