About Bhaktamar Stotra 45 I enclose Shloka Number 45 chanted in the above manner for your benefit and convenience. This shloka is the key of whole Bhaktamar and helps all people who are suffering from dreadful deadly diseases, and are deeply depressed, dejected, hopeless and feel that life is not worth living. In this shlok, Rishi Mantunga has expressed his total surrender to Lord Adinath, and achieved the pinnacle of devotion. This shlok not only heals us of our physical or mental diseases but also burns all our bad karmas of past lives.

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It has solutions to all problems faced by human beings -if chanted methodically and with full belief. Formulate Bhaktamar chanting program to reach the special needs, disadvantaged people and geographically remote areas -in extra ordinary circumstances. Spiritual healing is a drugless therapy to cure all types of diseases. I have been working in this field for the past five years. An extensive research and intensive study for treating illness through spiritual healing is conducted to understand the Science behind it and, the effectiveness of mantra healing.

Human body is an indivisible unit and this whole, has to have connection with the infinite -The Divine. When mantra is chanted with concentration, the sound energy penetrates the human body energy field -effecting chakras of body which in turn effects and energizes organs.

In accordance with the functioning of this law, vibrations are produced by the recitation of Avestha Mantra. These vibrations produce colours of light. These light colours pass through aura of a patient, thence through the chakras to the affected physical body organ. The Life of cell book argues that we have been able to eradicate only one disease say, small pox by simple vaccination.

Bhaktamar is a prayer of devotion. This form of bhakti is so intense that it generates strength a nd power. He expresses his extreme love for God which has formidably impelled him to compose the 48 verses. Acharya Maantunga knows that, he would be a subject of laughter when people will cometo know that he is writing a poem for Lord Aadinatha. But, he cannot help himself praisingthe Lord.

He explains the Lord. I am a finite creature. Lord, by narrating your attributes and experiences, our sins dissipate, then imagine how effective, will be hymns in praise ofyour virtues. All have equal rights to practice spiritual healing. By touch therapy energy flows. Energy resources are hands. Life flows through each cell of the body, and this knowledge was available to only to priests and spiritual leaders who used to pass it on to their disciples by word of mouth.

This fact is now also accepted by modern science that each cell ofthe body receives and transmit energy. A person is opened up and establishes a link with the God, concentrated energy flows in each cell of the body. Mind controls the body and human body should develop strong immune system to fight diseases.

Deep connection with God is to be established. Link formation with God who has tremendous source of energy The Healer The images below depict in detail the meaning, purpose, method, mantra and yantra for each of the 48 slokas: Consultation.


Bhaktamar Stotra Lyrics | Bhaktamar Stotra Lyrics In Sanskrit

For Education, enhancing I. Prriya Jain Alpashrutam shrutavatam parihasadham Yat kokilah kila madhau madhuram virauti tachchamra charu kalika nikaraika-hetuh. I share with you Shlok number 6 chanted in the above manner for your benefit and convenience. Chanting of this shloka dispels the darkness of ignorance with the light of wisdom. This shloka improves IQ, enhances memory, concentration, learning capacity and ensures success in competitive exams. This is a very important shloka for students and people with mental stress. It removes all negative thoughts, and is very useful in various psychosomatic disorders, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, schizophrenia, insomnia, and many others.


।। श्री भक्तामर स्त्रोत – संस्कृत ।। Shri Bhaktamar stotra – Sanskrit

With the completion of each verse, a chain broke, or a door opened. Manatunga was free when all the verses were finished. History[ edit ] Legends associate Manatunga with a ruler named Bhoja. However Manatunga probably lived a few centuries before Raja Bhoja of Dhara.


Bhaktamar Stotra


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