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They initially published it from a garage in Ventura, in Southern California. The book was to be based on his experience constructing an off-grid home in the Siskiyou mountains of Oregon, to which he was commuting every few months. He started the magazine as a means of advertising the proposed book. The first issue, with a print run of 6,, came out in October and was distributed free and by hand by Duffy and Annie. A few months later, the publication was picked up by a national distributor, American Distribution Services of Northbrook, Illinois now defunct.

The book was never completed. Backwoods Home has been called[ by whom? However, Duffy says he had never heard of Mother Earth News at that time, and that among his chief inspirations were scientific publications from the Middle Ages.

Duffy has said, "Although the emphasis has always been on self-reliance, I rode the environmental wagon a bit back then to try and attract subscribers, but quickly gave it up and followed my Libertarian leanings. My model was a type of scientific journal from the Middle Ages I decided to mix self-reliant articles with freedom articles. It was what interested me. It was both interesting to me — and I felt was important to everyone — to both understand how to do things for yourself and to understand how freedom worked.

John Silveira, my friend since age 20, was an important element of this mix, as he had the intellect and research ability to write the critical freedom articles. The backbone of BHM has always been, and is today, the how-to article.

The economic troubles of late and led to a substantial increase in visits to its website. The print version of the magazine was discontinued in and was only available on Amazon Kindle. Staff and contributors[ edit ] Sam Duffy — Publisher and owner as of Sam Duffy is the youngest son of Dave and Ilene Duffy.

His Twitter feed features news about the magazine and life in Corvallis, Oregon. Ilene Duffy — Serves as Business Adviser while also enjoying her garden and cooking meals for her hungry college boys when they come to visit. She also enjoys teaching her grandkids how to swim. She now owns and manages her own farm, Everfree Farm. John Silveira — In addition to his duties as Senior Editor, John Silveira, a long-time friend of Duffy, contributes in-depth articles on scientific issues and American history.

Don Childers — Artist Childers has illustrated most Backwoods Home covers since the beginning and does much of the article illustration, as well. Lisa Nourse — Editorial Coordinator Nourse handles day-to-day liaison with contributors and assists with layout and editing. Jackie Clay-Atkinson — Jackie Clay-Atkinson, an independent off-grid homesteader in northern Minnesota, writes articles on all aspects of self-sufficient living, from growing herbs to butchering elk.

In addition, her "Ask Jackie" column answers questions from readers on many topics, with emphasis on home skills like safely preserving foods.

She brings similar topics to her Backwoods Home blog. Massad Ayoob — Firearms instructor Ayoob is Gun Editor, and writes a regular column giving advice on firearms and their use and safety. He also blogs for the magazine on similar topics. Richard Blunt — Contributes articles on food and cooking, with an emphasis on health, wholeness, and food traditions.

Best known to BHM readers for her articles on how she built and after a fire, rebuilt a vertical log home and studio almost single-handedly and how she helped her son build his home.

Linda Gabris — Writes food articles, with an emphasis on using wild foods or making traditional homemade items. This is not a joke. Must bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed. I have only done this once before. Backwoods Home Magazine. Retrieved June 11, Retrieved March 5,


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Perfect for areas where no more water is available for miles. The magazine has spawned four books in its series Best of The Backwoodsman: About Us Backwoodsman magazine was started in and is published bi-monthly. Beard This practical classic provides instructions for building all types of temporary and long-term shelters from both natural and man-made materials. Email us at Backwoodsmanmag emailcustomerservice. Black nylon belt sheath holds tool and tool kit. Drew Published originally at the turn of the century, this complete, no non-sense guide provides invaluable information on the history and craft of blacksmithing.



The Backwoodsman The Backwoodsman has been serving the backcountry lifestyle market for decades. The content is heavily geared towards the backwoods and DIY living lifestyle. Ballistic This magazine is the premier firearms and survival magazine. Well built reputation and high-quality information.

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