Tezragore Sinking in the I sense will mean moving away from the void backwards. It must be lived in everyday life too: I find the objects beautiful, blissful and so connected with them, I mean all people around, the cars, the animals, the mountains and the valleys. Sir sometimes I do fear losing control. This needs to be tackled somehow. Nisaragadatta also points out how both the l-thought and I Am sense are unreal in the autobkography they are temporary and are ultimately mental constructs as opposed having reality on their own.

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Nit Later it will seem like a great joy because there is nothing more to learn or do. When you are free you can identify with anything you want, whether it be the body, the ego, Consciousness, the world, the Void or the Absolute. I felt no difference between them and me even when I know it was all a dream. It is just a part of the consciousness and flowing around in the space.

Am I the one who is witnessing all this merging too? I have realized they will appear and disappear but they have nothing to do with me. Last night I had a unique experience and want to know if my understanding on this is correct or no sir. I was aware it is a dream and I participated in it for sometime and then became wakeful again.

Only total not knowing. This is a very important insight is it not? Just be aware that anything experienced autobiogrxphy temporary, phenomenal, unreal. So I now shuffling between auyobiography and wakeful, wakeful and dream states. Just be aware of the Void jnzni the coming and going of waking, dream and sleep.

Only then can you find out that I am beyond the l-Amness. Is this body really T? Sir it is jnanii scary. I remember clearly I did not like this unknown phenomenon-taking place, as there is a lot of fear of what is happening.

I think I know which way you will go, and I hope you make that choice, though it will not seem to be up to you. I felt like I had little control over the proceeding. Autobiography of a Jnani Jo-Ann Saturday, November 6, at 9: I read a few stanzas 7 to 8 of the Gita, I get it but I will move very, very slowly with it, perhaps 1 to 2 stanzas a day.

I was in half wake, half sleep and I felt my legs and my body was levitating upwards. What you are experiencing is due to the intensity of autobioraphy practice.

It was a different state. All in all, a tedious session I must confess. Concentrate on the I sense. Other day I lied down on my couch as nada appeared and I figured jnxni that the body itself is consciousness.

You are still identifying with the body and T. This is just a practice for you. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is still a kind of seeking, wanting to repeat an earlier experience. But it is like a void ahead of me watching the void at the background. The objects seem closer to me than usual. I was still disoriented and startled. So all is happening effortlessly and I am simply watching the inner flow of consciousness meeting the flow ahead of me the void everything is simply a flow of consciousness.

The dryness you felt is common, in fact most common. Few times I hear a shrieking noise in my brain, it is loud like an electronic device plugged in my brain and it brings a complete stop of my body and mind machinery. The concepts of existence and non-existence apply to the visible, the observable.

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Autobiography of a Jnani

After much seeking and looking and initiated a few more times with other Gurus, I finally found or Guru my heart approved. It is this Void which is experienced when you are close to realization. I have no idea of the authenticity of hell or Hades but I felt I was visiting a really bad place. I am blessed to have you next to me. My autoibography is that all states of consciousness are illusionary, and merely happen to me, like clouds passing overhead.





Autobiography Of A Jnani




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