A number in parentheses indicates the year of last reapproval. This standard has been approved for use by agencies of the U. Department of Defense. Within the text, the inch-pound unitsare shown in brackets. The values stated in each system are notexact equivalents.

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Number 12 and smaller bar must have a minimum of 3. The specification also calls out specific recommended before galvanizing bending radii. This cold working of the bars causes induced stresses that may be released after the bars are immersed in the molten F zinc bath.

Unique to this specification is also the requirement the galvanized bars be immersed in a heated, sodium dichromate solution immediately after the process. This post-treatment helps to prevent the formation of wet storage stain on the bars when they are in bundles at a job site and also promotes good adhesion of the galvanized rebar to the concrete it is placed in.

It is important to note reinforcing steel used in conjunction with structural steel, welded to a fabricated assembly is not governed by ASTM A but rather ASTM A, the standard specification for zinc coatings on iron and steel products.

The material provided herein has been developed to provide accurate and authoritative information about after-fabrication hot-dip galvanized steel. This material provides general information only and is not intended as a substitute for competent professional examination and verification as to suitability and applicability.

The information provided herein is not intended as a representation or warranty on the part of the AGA. Anyone making use of this information assumes all liability arising from such use. Was this answer helpful? Ask an Expert Leave this field blank.


ASTM A767 for Reinforcing Steel

Ordering Information 3. Such requirements shall include, but are not limited to, the following: 3. After the wiping, the coated steel reinforcing bars shall meet the minimum coating mass [weight]. N OTE 2—During the wiping process, care should be taken to maintain a uniformly thick coating around the perimeter of the bar. No further reproductions authorized. The mass [weight] of zinc coating based on actual area of the bar shall conform to the requirements shown in Table 1.


ASTM A767/A767M

More A Galvanization shall be used to prepare reinforcing bars. The galvanizer shall be permitted to subject the newly coated steel reinforcing bars to air or steam wiping to remove excess zinc from the bars. The mass of zinc coating shall conform to specified requirements.


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