Dajin As you see, I choose the cups-pdf-variant and took a shortcut by using the keystroke-commands instead of the clicki-bits, but all the attempts using the latter entirely failed. Downloads Hazel Rules Automator Workflow. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. After another hour reading, trying, fixing I brought the Script to work. This came from a response to a appplescript traveller in the Mac Power Users Facebook group.

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The second drop-down box under the Create a Video heading tells whether your presentation includes narration and timings. You may switch this setting if you like.

The default time spent on each slide is 5 seconds. You can change that timing in the Seconds to spend on each slide box. To the right of the box, click the up arrow to increase the duration, or click the down arrow to decrease the duration.

If you have recorded a timed narration, by default the value is Use Recorded Timings and Narrations. Click Create Video. In the File name box, enter a file name for the video, browse for the folder that will contain this file, and then click Save.

You can track the progress of the video creation by looking at the status bar at the bottom of your screen. The video creation process can take up to several hours depending on the length of the video and the complexity of the presentation.

To play your newly-created video, go to the designated folder location, and then double-click the file. The viewer begins watching the presentation immediately. On the File menu, select Save to ensure all your recent work has been saved in PowerPoint presentation format. On the File menu, select Save As. Choose the folder location where you want to store your PowerPoint Show file. Select Save. Why turn your presentation into a video? When you want to give a high-fidelity version of your presentation to colleagues or customers either as an e-mail attachment, published to the web, on a CD or DVD , save it and let it play as a video.

You can save your presentation as either an MPEG-4 video file. Both formats are widely supported and can be streamed over the internet. Some tips to remember when recording your presentation as a video: You can record and time voice narration and laser pointer movements in your video.

You can control the size of the multimedia file and the quality of your video. You can include animations and transitions in your movie. Viewers do not need to have PowerPoint installed on their computers to watch it. If your presentation contains an embedded video, the video will play correctly without your needing to control it. Depending on the content of your presentation, creating a video may take some time.

Lengthy presentations and presentations with animations, transitions, and media content will likely take longer to create. To include these, you can convert or upgrade the media object. For example, if you inserted the media using PowerPoint , it will be linked and it will play in the presentation.

However, when you export the file as a video, the linked media will be dropped. You can convert the file to the new file format click the File tab, and under Info, click Convert , or you can right-click the media object and then click to upgrade; it will embed the file and export it correctly.





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