Thanks to the underlying technological configuration, open to all integrated Anthos systems, Classe A7 Plus can be expanded, immediately or at a later date, with ultra-high performance instruments, X-ray and multimedia systems, and advanced hygiene systems. Dentists who choose Classe A7 Plus know they can personalise their dental unit according to the specific needs of today and tomorrow, whatever their field of specialization, from conservative dentistry to implantology. Choose Your Model Complete with accelerometer, the position of Continental model control panel can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, even while treatment is in progress. Thanks to the powerful microprocessor, the Full Touch control panel, available as an option, dialogues with the entire multimedia system and permits numerous tasks that speed up workflows and make sharing easier. Images sent by the new high definition camera and digital X-ray units can be managed directly on the touch-screen display.

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The right rapport instils trust Patients who feel reassured and at ease are more likely to be on board with the treatment plan. An on-board multimedia system helps the dentist illustrate and contextualise the treatment plan and motivate the patient.

A welcoming surgery and a patient chair with an anatomical design that maximises comfort also play a role in establishing a constructive dentist-patient relationship. A7 Plus is the positive energy at the centre of the surgery. A source of trust, it carries professional performance to the next level. Geometry and ergonomics designed to improve every minute spent around the patient chair.

Comfort for all: dentist, assistant and patient. Evolve opportunity. Clear information and user-friendly functions User-friendliness. Available in two versions - the as-standard Full Touch Clinic or optional Full Touch Multimedia - the instrument panel lets dentists control unit body functions and personalise all integrated device parameters at a touch.

The Clinic instrument panel controls patient chair movement, displays data for conservative, endodontic and implantology work; it is also used to manage hygiene devices and other accessory services.

On the Multimedia version images and videos can be displayed. Acquired images can also be downloaded. Images and video. The Multimedia control panel allows you to view clips on the use and maintenance of the dental unit.. More space, greater comfort Sliding movement Tapered patient chair shaping provides dentists with optimal ergonomics. With the Sliding function the dentist no longer has to reposition light and instruments during treatment, thus maintaining the work zone set-up.

Soft Motion technology With Soft Motion technology, start and stop movements are gradual, fluid and virtually without vibration or noise.


Anthos A7 Plus

Classe A6 Plus is where smart design meets multi-functional brilliance. Classe A6 Plus provides nothing less than a touch of luxury. The choice is truly comprehensive. Several optional systems and innovations have been designed by Anthos for incorporation on this dental unit, which blends strong styling with powerful performance. Yet the real beauty of this dental unit lies in its sheer practicality and the resulting wealth of opportunities. Two Versions Both dentist and assistant enjoy unhindered access to the operating zone.


Anthos A6 Plus

Read Profile Nicholas Galakatos, Ph. Prior to joining Blackstone, Dr. Galakatos has over 30 years of industry and investment experience in the healthcare sector and has led investments in biotechnology, pharmaceutical company partnerships and diagnostics, from startups to commercial-stage companies. Prior to Clarus, Dr.


Anthos Therapeutics

Customization: Innate flexibility Flexibility The streamlined Continental module is light and compact while the instrument levers, designed to reduce vertical bulk as much as possible, minimise interference with the operating light and allow considerable extension. Each lever has individually adjustable traction force and balance. Equipped with the option of SideFlex technology, the instrument levers ergonomically follow sideways tubing movement. The coupling reduces on-wrist traction and fatigue while optimising instrument recovery from every working position. Exceptional ergonomics Whatever the treatment zone, positioning is easy and ergonomic thanks to the broad excursion of the new, more compact module arm system and its pneumatic vertical release mechanism.


Anthos A7 Dental Chair


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