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Supply voltage with dual voltage not triple voltage. This is a stereo power amplifier Circuit. The sound that issued a very nice and smooth. Minimum supply voltage is 5 volt , and maximum supply voltage is 18 volt. See this schematic Circuit below : This is schematic circuit and i design in simple circuit.

Click to view Enlarge AN This circuit is stereo power amplifier. Voltage input or Supply voltage with dual voltage minimum 6 volt , and maximum 18 volt. You can use this amplifier on car commonly called car amplifier, on Personal Computer PC , on small room , etc. In this circuit have a good sound quality. Because output noise is very very minimal , not even be heard in the distance of 5 Cm from the sound. Description from this circuit , voltage minimum required 6 volt and maximum voltage 20 volt , you can choose voltage between it.

Maximum output Power 15 Watt with impedance 4 Ohm. See Schematic Power Amplifier below : Figure 1. But once tried to design on PCB is not so difficult. Because the actual components close together and easy to design it. It is a low voltage amplifier with power output 2 x 35 m Watt. Only Condensator on output speaker use voltage 25 volt. AN Anyone who uses this amplifier circuit would be surprised. Although this circuit has a small power output just 10 watts , but also issued a sound loud enough.

At least match the transistor power amplifier with 60 watts. And his sound is good with low noise. Minimum voltage is 2 volt , and maximum voltage is 12 volt. In order to be a circuit that works on good power amplifier. This Circuit requires minimum voltage 3 volt and maximum voltage 9 volt. Ouput power of this circuit is 1 watt, and impedance is 4 Ohm.

Minimum voltage for this IC is 6 Volt and maximum voltage is Output Power 1 watt with Impedance 4 ohm. Recomeneded voltage is 9 Volt. This is low output power or mini amplifier sound. Impedance Speaker 8 Ohm and frequncy 40 Hz - 18 kHz. See Schematic power amplifier figure 1. This Circuit is a minimum voltage 6 Volt and maximum voltage 18 Volt.

And I recomended voltage for this circuit is 12 Volt. To recomended circuit working use voltage 12 Volt. Its not So much and less , its good. Output speaker is Mono with power 1,2 watt and Impedance 8 Ohm. IC equal with AN Minimum voltage is 1,8 Volt and Maximum voltage is 4,8 volt. It,s so very low voltage require.

Maximal Output 2 X 0,14 watt , this is stereo amplifier. And impedance is 32 Ohm. This is a low voltage Amplifier , with output speaker stereo 2 X 0,38 watt. Its so low power amplifier. Impedance speaker is 32 Ohm ,with Frequency 20 Hz kHz. Supply need 1Volt to 3 Volt , wow this amplifier low voltage. You can use this amplifier on radio is use battery.

With just one battery with voltage 1,5 Volt you can play this amplifier. See this Schematic below :.

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