Adorable animal families that will make you "aww" Justicia adhatoda is a perennial shrub native to parts of Asia. The leaves of the plant contain vasicine, an alkaloid with medicinal qualities. This alkaloid, along with other compounds found in the plant, makes it useful in treating a variety of medical conditions. In areas where the plant grows wild, local populations commonly use the shrub to treat coughs, colds, and asthma. The leaves also treat skin infections, fever, and inflammation. Although Justicia adhatoda produces flowers as well as fruit, the leaves contain most of the beneficial alkaloids.

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Adhatoda Vasica is an amazing herb with loads of medicinal uses. Though it is commonly found all over India, not many of us use it in home remedies. It is a very very important herbal plant shrub that all of us should get to know.

From treating cough and indigestion to haemorrhoids, it does have wide medicinal uses. It is a common plant that is found all over India and it is widely used in ayurvedic preparations. Adhatoda Vasica Plant: All the parts of this amazing plant is used as a medicine and we can use this plant wonderfully in home remedies. I was just waiting for days, in fact months to photograph the adhatoda flowers.

But sadly, the last time it rained the workers had trimmed the plant and I was quite disappointed as I have to wait for another few months to write about this wonderful plant. Two weeks back when I went looking out for herbs in our neighboring forest, there was a huge adhatoda plant with beautiful flowers and I was very happy to take few pictures of it.

Adhatoda Vasica Traditional Uses: The alkaloids in adhatoda makes it very very effective in getting rid of the phlegm in fact all cold related diseases and it also treats indigestion, skin diseases and excessive bleeding. It is very easy to grow this plant and some nurseries do stock up on it.

Adhatoda Vasica Side Effects: Adhatoda is best avoided by pregnant ladies and should not be given for very young babies. To make the juice, pound the washed adathoda leaves along with little boiled water and strain to get the juice. The dosage is around 1 tsp of the juice 3 times a day. Strain, mix it with pure honey and drink for 3 days in the morning. To make the syrup, take fresh adhatoda leaves and steam it in idli maker or steamer.

Once the leaves are steamed, take the leaves in your hands and crush to get the juice. To treat, take the leaves and pound it finely into a paste using mortar and pestle. Take the paste and rub it gently in the gums, this can be done daily till one gets good relief. To treat, collect the fresh juice of adhatoda by pounding it in mortar and pestle along with little boiled water and strain. You can take it twice a day, both morning and evening.

This mixture also improves appetite. To treat, take 5 to 6 leaves and pound to get the fresh juice like mentioned above and take it both morning and evening. Adhatoda extract can also be effectively used for treating all kinds of bleeding. To use, pound the leaves into a fine paste and apply as a poultice over the affected area.

One teaspoon of the fresh juice taken twice a day will greatly help. You can also buy it in pill form and take it according to the instructions given. Adhatoda Vasica For Inflammation: Adhatoda has got anti inflammatory properties and it can be used as an external poultice for treating all the inflammations. For rheumatic pain, inflamed joints, bleeding wounds, adhatoda can be applied as a poultice.

Adhatoda Vasica For Asthma: Like datura, adhatoda leaves smoke is used for treating asthma. The leaves when dried and smoked gives good relief for asthma patients.


Adusa/अडूसा/Vasaka/Vasa/Malabar Nut/Adhatoda vasica

It acts as Expectorant and relieves Congestion and Dyspnoea. It is used to treat Fever, Jaundice, Tuberculosis, and Headache. It protects the body from radiation damage caused during Cancer treatment. It acts as a counterirritant for Inflammatory Swelling. It is also used as Abortifacient. It holds Abortifacient property.


Adhatoda Vasica Herb Uses, Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients

Habitat: This shrub grows on the plains of India and in the lower Himalayans, up to a range of meters above sea level. This plant is also cultivated in other tropical areas. It grows well in low moisture areas and dry soils. Plant Description: Adhatoda vasica is a small evergreen plant, of the Acanthaceae family, with broad, lanceolate sharp and pointed like a lance leaves measuring 10 to 16 centimeters in length and 5 centimeters wide. They become greenish-brown when dried and have a bitter taste. They have a smell similar to strong tea.

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