Synergie Wheels Advantages Until now, most non-chrome conversion coatings have been based on a combination of organic polymers and fluoride compounds. While these types of products have excellent paint adhesion characteristics, in most cases, they have no corrosion resistance properties. Based on that deficiency, MacDermid Enthone has developed a product range that has shown to be both safe and effective as a true replacement for the hexavalent-chrome systems…Iridite NCP. This means that even unpainted areas of aluminum are protected against corrosion.

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The Iridite does not contain lead, cadmium, chromium hexavalent or trivalent. The process is environmentally friendly chemical that produces a protective conversion coating on aluminium and its alloys.

This coating exhibits bare, unpainted, corrosion resistance that is equal to hexavalent chromates on many aluminium alloys. Iridite can be used as a final finish or as a base for paints, topcoats, powder paints, lacquers or as a base for rubber bonding. The process Features are: Corrosion protection that rivals conventional chromate conversion coatings when tested in accordance with ASTM B Eliminates the use of hexavalent and trivalent chromium.

Provides an excellent primer No aging or curing required before topcoat Baking of treated parts up-to Degrees C does not affect the coating as with traditional yellow chromates Appearance. The Iridite coating is normally clear at low coating weights, to a light blue colour at its highest coating weight. There are times the coating is iridescent due to refraction of light by the conversion coating. The colour is very dependent on processing conditions, substrate and customer requirements.

Typical salt spray results range from a minimum of 96 hours to first white to hours to first white corrosion. Designed by Shape5.


Chromate conversion coating

Over the years we have built up a well-earned reputation for excellence in the field, largely thanks to professionalism and dedication of our employees. With hundreds of applications across multiple industries, iriditing is a versatile and effective technique. What is iridite NCP? Much like anodising, iridite NCP is a non-electrolytic passivation technique that we apply only to aluminium.


表面处理 Iridite NCP,这是一种什么样的处理方法及哪里可以做这种处理?



Chemical Film/Chromate Conversion (Alodine®/Iridite®) Services


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